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100 Nyoung Ne retreat

Nyoung Ne

Nyoung Ne is a practice associated to the aspect of Tchenrezi with eleven faces and one thousand arms, embodiment of the Bouddhas’ love and compassion. This practice brings together all the aspects of the Dharma as well as the three vehicles’ essence : the observance of the ethical conduct vows, the Bodhisattva’s training to the development of love and loving kindness, the carrying out of the skilful and deep means of the Vajrayana including recitation of mantras and visualizations.

“Because of the great purifying strength of this practice, even a being who has accomplished extremely harmful deeds, if he does only one Nyoung Ne, carrying it through correctly, is assured of not being reborn in the inferior spheres of existence and will quickly progress on the path of Awakening.”

How to take part in the practice ?

- It is possible to join for the whole retreat ; to follow it partly, to join it at any time for one or several Nyoung Ne (get here the evening before a Nyoung Ne starts) or to accomplish a “White Nyoung Ne“ (8 Nyoung Ne).

- A Nyoung Ne takes place over a time span of 48 hours. It starts at dawn of the first morning with the taking of the Sojong vows (the 8 root vows of ethical discipline) and ends in the morning of the third day at 9 o’clock. The ritual is accomplished three times a day, with partial fasting on the first day, called Nye Ne, and total, silent fasting (whether speech, nor food nor drink), on the second day. If one decides to practice a Nyoung Ne and takes the Sojong vows in the morning of the first day, it is necessary to attend all the sessions and to perform the Nyoung Ne entirely, without interrupting it.

- Nye Ne (partial fasting) : people who cannot fast completely, can do a “Nye Ne“ having both rice soup and lunch on the second day of the practice.

- About eight Nyoung Ne : one of the beneficial effects resulting from the practice of eight Nyoung Ne, called “White Nyoung Ne“ is expressed in these words by Tchenrezi himself :
“The one who accomplishes a “White Nyoung Ne“ can, at the moment of his / her death, be certain of being reborn in the pure land of great bliss, Dewatchen.”

- Every year Lama Teunsang accomplishes 8 Nyoung Ne during the first month of the tibetan calendar. For 2012-2013, February 16th to March 3rd 2013. see here.

- See special rates for Nyoung Ne.

Beginning days of the Nyoung Ne retreat 2015
Beginning days of the Nyoung Ne retreat 2015-2016
Beginning days of the Nyoung Ne retreat 2016-2017

It is necessary to arrive the previous evening, since the first session starts at 5.30 AM. Don’t forget that the practice ends on the third day at 9 o’clock.

- See retreat information

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About the Nyoung Ne practice at Karma Migyur Ling

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