Today we can say: it’s taking place the day after tomorrow!

Pressure is rising up in Grenoble: providers are installing the room, volunteers flock to Montchardon, Trinlay Rinpoche and Lama Nyigyam arrived last night.

The little ants are fretting about on the spot, as well as others, elsewhere, pack their bags and plan their long journey!

In this effervescence, conducive to the emergence of emotional movements sometimes not completely controlled, a teaching on peace is welcome.

Enjoy the reading!


Peace is complete awareness.

In this state of awareness, we cultivate and combine compassion and wisdom.

In this state of awareness, we are alive, awake; we take re­sponsibility for our actions.

In this state, we are not driv­en by emotion; we control our emotions and actions.

In this state, we are patient, nonviolent; we do not judge.

In this state, we nurture our inner wealth—our innate values—and balance them with outer (material) wealth

in a way that benefits all sentient beings.

This is peace.

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