Terms and Conditions for cancellation and refund

In case of cancellation of the event.

It is useful to anticipate this case, which we hope will not occur.

Karma Migyur Ling is a modest Dharma center that is unable to bear the very heavy financial consequences of a cancellation of the event.

The budget of this event is very important and each provider with whom we will work stipulates in its contract a cancellation fee. Opting for a cancellation insurance would be of a very high cost, which would substantially increase the price of entry for each. The cancellation remains a highly unlikely eventuality and there is no certainty that the reason for the cancellation may be included in the insurance covenants. The insurance would then be taken for nothing!

The simplest way is then to pool the risk among us all but we did not find it right to impose it to you. We therefore opted for the following solution:

  • Any cancellation (individual or collective) will result in a 15% withholding of the purchase price of the ticket to cover administrative and management costs.
  • In the case of an individual cancellation, this rule will only be valid until July 31st. From the 1st of August, the cancellation of the order by the buyer will not give rise to any refund (unless there is a case of force majeure).
  • In the event of an overall cancellation, we will appeal to your generosity to cover the remaining costs still due to the different providers.

We are convinced that we can count on you, would this eventuality occur, and that making the teaching of Karmapa accessible to as many as possible is foremost.