The registration phase is now open.

The on-site sale must be considered as non-existent: the number of places will be extremely limited, tickets only for the same day (therefore at a higher price than the Pass) and the queue daily. There is no guarantee to be able to get a ticket on site!

Given the variety of available Passes, the booking procedure may seem complex. We invite you to read the instructions for use available here:

The booking procedure is associated with a countdown: you have 15 minutes to complete all the entries and to validate the payment. Consider preparing everything you might need (surname and first name of the participants, credit card, ...)!

Before the final validation, you must accept the terms and conditions of sale of the online sales provider as well as ours. You can consult:

Here is the link to the online ticketing:

Should you encounter difficulties, please read the instructions for use first. If the difficulties persist, you can contact us through the contact form.

The reception of the Centre de Montchardon is not in charge of this organization. Thank you for not calling them, they will not have any information to provide you!

We look forward to seeing you at this magnificent event!

Good registration to you all!