Conference/Teaching Room Access

Please arrive sufficiently in advance to allow for the control of admissions.  Opening hours will be disclosed at a later date by email.

Ticket Control and Security Regulations

We must comply with the Vigipirate Plan required by the French authorities.   The minimal requirement is searching bags upon entering and eventually, depending on instructions at the time, additional control by the use of magnetic walk-through units or other search means.

Consequently, tickets (whether paying or free) shall be nominative.  Identity cards/passports may be required for admission.  Thus access can be refused to all persons unable to justify their identity or presenting a ticket which has already been used or which is presumed falsified.  Parents must justify their children’s identity.

Forbidden Objects

The Vigipirate Plan strictly prohibits all forms of weapons or assimilated objects, including small picnic knives.  The list of (dangerous or cumbersome) prohibited objects will be sent later by email in function of the evolution of security obligations imposed by the French authorities.

Conference Hall/Teaching Room and Empowerments

Alpexpo has an immense conference hall which will be organized to welcome this event.  The Conference/Teaching Room, surrounded by mobile sound partitions, will be set up in a part of the Hall.  Participants will be seated on chairs.  Giant wide screens and an excellent sound system will allow everyone to see and to clearly hear Karmapa.  We will install an air-conditioner to cool the room.

The number of participants is limited to 2,000 persons.

Conference/Teaching Room Zoning System

The choice of seats will be made according to the order of registrations, on a “First Come – First Serve” basis with zones for the seats determined from the closest to the stage to those in the very back of the room.

As stated, the logic of the attribution system is “First Come – First Serve”.

This system satisfies two requirements:

  • Avoid the precipitation and chaos in order to “get the best seats” and
  • Encourage participants to register earlier.

Zone seating will be valid on a day-by-day basis, according to the choice made during registration and will be indicated on the bar code on the ticket(s).  Thus some days you may be seated in a different zone.  You will receive a colored bracelet daily at the door, according to your ticket and indicating the zone assignment of the day.

Children’s Room

To allow parents to follow the teachings all whilst being surveying their children who will remain under their full responsibility, a Children’s Room will be provided:

  • Independent from the location of the teachings
  • Air-conditioned
  • Located on the first floor
  • Equipped with a system of direct retransmission on a wide screen
  • Arranged to allow the children to play and equipped with tables and chairs.

Parents will organize themselves to ensure the surveillance of the children whom they will look after personally.  The parents will bring with them whatever is needed to occupy their children during the teachings.

Reduced Mobility Access

Persons with reduced mobility must indicate their status at the time of registration to benefit from the privileged access reserved for them (and for one helper).  Specific instructions will be sent to you by email at a later date.

Picnicking and Refreshment Bar

Space equipped with tables and chairs will be provided for picnicking.

A Refreshment Bar will be available for drinks and snacks.

Alpexpo is located next to a big Shopping Mall associated with the Hypermarket Carrefour.