The organization of such an event cannot happen without the participation of many volunteers.  The help you can provide is an offering and a demonstration of gratitude to Karmapa.  All those willing are welcomed to help the Organizing Team!

To the ones accustomed to volunteering in Montchardon, we need to highlight a few important differences with the way it usually goes:

  • The work is not intended to last all day long but consists in only a couple of hours of help
  • Except for rare cases, help will be required outside teaching time
  • For obvious reasons of efficient organization, we need to limit improvised help on site and promote registering beforehand.

As it will be necessary to speak and understand french – at least a little – to work with the team, the volunteering form will not be translated in english!

With respect to volunteering, several aspects should be carefully considered:

Legally, a volunteer is an individual who freely chooses to participate in the functioning of an association without any financial counterpart or advantage in nature.

Therefore, volunteering does not dispense volunteers from paying the price of attending Karmapa’s teachings. Volunteers must also ensure their own food and lodging.

We propose to those willing to volunteer to contact us by filling out the on-line form and by indicating therein the specific tasks they wish to fulfill or for which they are competent, and the dates on which they are available.

Speaking French is required to apply as a volunteer.

These are some of the different tasks for which volunteers are needed:

  • Installation of the conference room on August 8th and 9th
  • Dismantlement and tidying up of the conference room on August 16th
  • Admissions Ticket control
  • Seating Assistance
  • Mid-day meal distribution
  • Dining room cleaning
  • Technical support

  • Help with the sale or rental on some stalls
  • Help at the Reception Desk
  • Help in ensuring the smooth progress of the event and its security
  • Translation according to needs on the spot (reception desk, stalls…)

Although we will make all efforts to avoid this, a few of the tasks will not allow the volunteers to attend all the teachings.

To ensure the smooth flow of the event, the volunteer undertakes to carry out the task assigned for which he/she accepts the corresponding responsibility.

The volunteer form is no longer online, the teams’ lists are being drawn up.