The Venerable Lama Teunsang, the permanent team and the volunteers of Montchardon are pleased to welcome his Holiness, Karmapa Thayé Dordje.  We will make every effort to ensure that each of you can attend under the best conditions and profit from these exceptional moments.

This year, Karma Migyur Ling will be the only center he will visit in France. Given the increasing number of people who are interested in the Karmapa’s message, we are setting up an organization able to receive up to 4,000 people.

Online reservation for this event of teachings and initiations is open since May 12th  via on online Ticket Agent with secured, professional credit card payment. You will find more information on our Inscription page.

All the teachings will be given in Grenoble, at Alpexpo, the Grenoble congress and exhibition centre, a location that has all the required qualities to receive the thousands of people that may want to attend.

The Montchardon Center will be closed throughout Karmapa’s visit.

The Karmapa has been informed of this possibility and agrees with it. He is convinced that selecting urban sites, designed specially to welcome the public, is simpler both for the centers planning the event and for the public in need of accommodation and transportation.

It will be easy to find accommodation in the Grenoble area. The city offers many options, accessible to all levels of income, as well as public transportation to easily reach Alpexpo from downtown.

Lunch will be served on site (with mandatory reservation beforehand).

There will be picnic areas, as well as refreshment stands.