We have recently been informed of the consequences of the anti-terrorist plan on the organization of this event. There will therefore be a security check of people and bags, with each entry in the Alpexpo space.

So we ask you to come in at 8 o’clock in the morning. Why?

–          This security check operation, combined with ticket verification, will take some time for each person, even though we will install 8 queues at the entrance.

–          In the morning: there will be a check of people and bags for everyone, as well as a ticket check and the issuance of an access bracelet for the day.

–          In the afternoon: this security checking operation should be done only for those who left Alpexpo during the lunch break. We therefore ask you to come back at least one hour before the beginning of the course, ie 2 pm.

–          Do not bring knives or pocket knives (be careful for those who bring their picnics) or tear gas canisters: they will be confiscated and can not be returned.

–          As everyone will be sitting on a chair, please do not bring meditation cushions and carpets, as their control at the entrance will hinder the fluidity of the security check

–          Although the expected maximum attendance will reach about 2,000 people, instead of the 4,000 originally planned, the morning verification process will take 2 hours. Hence we request you to show up at 8am.

–          If you show up too late, whether it’s morning or afternoon, you might miss some of the teaching.

So come as early as you can!

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